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ALL 7" ORDERS COME WITH A FREE COMPILATION CD!!! 141 Hardcore from Bulgaria recently released "BREAK DOWN THE WALLS", a European hardcore compilation, that features yours truly. 27 bands, 73 minutes of European hardcore punk bands from Belgium, Holland, Bulgaria, Greece, Germany, Macedonia, UK, Russia, Ukraine, Slovakia, Romania, Serbia, Portugal, France, Italy, Poland and Hungary!

Pressing info:
50 copies w/Infest rip-off covers (SOLD OUT!)
10 copies w/Infest rip-off covers - not for sale, personal use only!
190 copies w/regular covers, thick cardboard silkscreened with silver ink & lacquer

First come, first serve basis on the limited, rip-off covers, no reservations! First fifty orders receive this version, in case you want the other one, drop us a msg on our email address below!

Shipping info:
Nobody is a fan of the local postal services, neither are we. The 7" itself is 6 EUR, and we provided two territories (Europe/UK & Rest of World) and three shipping methods (regular airmail - cheapest; priority airmail - a little more expensive, but faster; priority airmail registered w/online tracking - pricier, faster, safer) it is your pick which one you chose. Please don't get a heart attack looking at the prices, they're WITH shipping included!

If you don't have paypal, get in touch with us at ghostchantbp@gmail.com to sort out your order, though again we need to make sure everyone knows the rules, no payment ahead, no reservations!